Empowering Colorado’s Communities in Health Safety

Covid Safe Colorado

CSC is a queer and trans-led mutual aid group on occupied Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute territory that distributes free masks, information, and other tools for keeping the Colorado community safe from COVID-19, other airborne viruses, and airborne pollutants such as wildfire smoke.

Free Masks

We provide high-quality N95 and KN95 masks for free to the community.

Recommended Links

Links to helpful organizations and info.

Stuff You Should Know

Information about mask braces, how to properly rapid test, and reusing masks.

Community Events

We hold a weekly online support group, a biweekly Crafternoon, a monthly online game night, and frequent in-person events.

About Us

Our Mission & Vision

It is our mission to deliver high-quality masks, especially to those who are high risk or marginalized, like seniors and BIPOC, Poor, LGBTQIA+, disabled, and chronically ill folks.
It is also our mission to provide and nurture community.


COVID Education & Resources

Covid Safe Colorado provides information to educate our community such as how to properly rapid test, using mask braces, and links to helpful organizations and info.


Recommended Links


Get More Accurate Test Results!




How Often Can I Reuse My Masks?


Upcoming Events

Weekly Support Group

Wednesday | July 24 | 7 – 9 pm

Game Night on Zoom

Friday | July 26 | 7 – 9 pm

Support Our Mission

We’ve raised more than $2,900 

Our funds have gone toward purchasing masks, Aranet air quality monitors for loan, Corsi-Rosenthal box materials so we can loan out C-R boxes, a Zoom account for holding our meetings and online events, business cards, and a fit testing kit.